Why We Are Here

The Bioproducts Update is a joint project between Jeff Chatterton at Checkmate Public Affairs and Gord Surgeoner at Ontario AgriFood Technologies.

They had two very different ambitions, but with one common goal.

Gord wanted a way to share the news, people and technologies behind some fascinating stories in bioproduct development. By providing the community with a way to discover what other scientists and researchers are doing, new ideas can be fostered and explored.

Jeff recognized that, like any new technology, bioproducts can be intimidating to people. Whether it is a new car part made of soybeans, or a new form of biofuel, innovation can be scary to an uninformed public. The best spokesperson is an informed spokesperson. So this project is just one tiny way to keep you – the unofficial spokesperson – informed.

Checkmate has a host of other communication tools that help build trust and credibility for new technologies. Whether it is communications training, monitoring or strategic development, Jeff is happy to make your shareholders, stakeholders or regulators happy with you and your work.

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