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"We're Back - and with a Passion!" edition...
Mangling Social Media in a Crisis

Fall 2009

Non-surprising fact: Michael Bryant cares what people think about him. (After all, until ten days ago he was still the odds-on favourite to be the next Ontario Liberal Party Leader.)

Non-surprising fact: He’s hired a PR firm to help him navigate through the mess that inevitably happens after he killed a cyclist on a Toronto street.

Surprising Fact: They’re doing a really bad job of it.

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And... we're back!

What is this, and why am I receiving this newsletter?

Both great questions. Let me help answer them. You may remember the "Defending Good Science" newsletter I published as part of Checkmate Public Affairs.

For a number of reasons, both good and bad, "Defending Good Science" has been relegated to the museums of history. In its place, welcome to the "Winning Reputations" e-zine.

The same witty, charming dialogue is here, don't worry. But I like to think that in my long absence, I've managed to tweak things considerably for the better.

First - if you get a chance, check out the new, completely redesigned Checkmate Public Affairs homepage. It's been redone from top to bottom by the good folks at RKD Web Studios.

Secondly, we're just in the mood to celebrate. Why not? It's the week after Labour Day. For some of you, it means your kids are back in school. On a personal note, I'm celebrating because of the newest addition to the Checkmate family! Logan wasn't technically due until September 24, but I'm told you can't put them back where they came from. He was born August 21, at a whopping five pounds, two ounces. He's healthy and happy and all is well.

So between new children, new schedules, new seasons and new websites, hey - it's as good a time to celebrate as any. I realized I just love staying in touch with good people.

The best way of staying tuned is via Twitter. (Not up to speed on Twitter yet? No problem. Check out my website for a good tutorial, or email me and I'll bring you up to speed on why your business NEEDS to be, at the very least, monitoring what's going on in the Twitter-verse.)

You can also follow me on LinkedIn or Facebook... and if you want to go old school, pick up the phone and give me a shout. I love catching up with people.

... and what else you may have missed on the Winning Reputations Blog this month...

It's not about the tools...

Its easy to get overwhelmed in ’social media goodness.’ Social Media are buzzwords that all the cool companies are into. PR blogs abound with news about the latest social media innovation, or new ways a company is taking advantage of Twitter.

As an avid Twitterer, Facebook user and LinkedIn user, I accept that what I’m saying may be considered hypocritical. But what’s far more important than the medium you use to communicate, is whether or not you’re actually communicating.

It’s not what tools you use to get the job done – it’s about making sure you actually get the job done.

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