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How to avoid reading about yourself the next morning...
The easiest message trap is also the deadliest

November 2009

Pop quiz – name the single deadliest political quote in the last 50 years.

Stop for a minute and think about it – what one political quote proved the most damaging to any politician? I bet you can remember.

(Bit of background: I have been conducting communications training sessions for seven years. My clients have been in 11 US states and Canadian provinces, and ranged from farming organizations, politicians, trade associations, manufacturers, charities and public sector organizations.

Every single one of those clients slips up and creates the same message trap, time and time again. It’s a message trap that’s brutally simple to slip up on. I’ll admit it – I teach this stuff, and I find MYSELF making the same mistake.)

What is it?

What is communications training worth to you?

I'm going to do something I have thought about for a few years, but have never followed through on. It's risky, it's a gamble, but it's also a tremendous opportunity.

I am an ardent believer in the truth. I believe corporations and organizations everywhere need better ways to speak the truth. Having more trust and credibility benefits everyone. It benefits your clients, it benefits regulatory stakeholders... I've often called trust and credibility the engine oil that lubricates the motor of commerce. So here's what I'm going to do about it.

For the month of November, I'm going to offer my "Winning Reputations" communications training to everyone and anyone. Here is my only request - pay what you think it's worth.

Whether you're a charity, an agricultural producer, a healthcare provider or a manufacturer, being able to calm fears and mistrust is an invaluable skill set. I'll come to your boardroom and sit down with up to eight of your frontline spokespeople. We'll walk through examples, do some training, and even get everyone on camera so they can see where improvements are needed.

Need more info?

Training helps everyone, and I don't want to see you miss it - so here's my straightforward offer: Pay what you think it's worth.

If there are travel costs, I'll ask for those up front but in terms of the invoice, I'll leave it blank. You fill in an amount you think is right.

This offer is only available to Winning Reputations subscribers, and only during the month of November, while dates are available. Sure, it's a business risk for me, but I'm an entrepeneur - risk is what I do. I'll let you know how it works out next month.

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Bad things can happen to good companies. When it happens, the smart companies call Checkmate Public Affairs.

Checkmate Public Affairs specializes in ‘Winning Reputations.’ We manage issues. And we deliver results, because we love what we do, and are fanatic believers in mind-blowing customer service.

Checkmate is dedicated to assisting corporations with science-based risk & crisis communications and issues management. We are a small firm with a niche practice – which means we aren’t loaded with the overhead and complicated structures of many big agencies.

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