In Depth Consulting

Have you ever felt like you're navigating a maze from the inside?  Sure - you can find the goal by running around and bouncing walls.  Or you can be smarter.

It's not easy being on the inside.  Deadlines accumulate, distractions run amok, and critical decisions are a lot easier to simply postpone.  You and I both know you can only get away with that for so long.

Wouldn't it be nice if you had someone tell you where the obstacles lay?

In Depth Consulting
With the right approach, the truth doesn't need to be frightening.

If you’re facing a crisis right now, stop what you’re doing - call me right now at (519)513-1053, or toll free at (888)662-4550. Please - allow me to brief you on some ‘quick and dirty’ advice that may save your day. Whether it’s the scene of a major chemical fire, a chemical spill, a food recall or an employee job-action, my team and I have been there. I’d rather give away the tools than see you suffer - let’s get to work.

If you’re too busy, too frantic, or need some more expertise on your side, my team can step in even further. We’ll look after meetings with government officials or upset neighbors. We can help write your product descriptions, or articles for trade magazines. And yes, we can handle the media. We've done it before.

Communications Review
There’s one thing worse than a good, hard look. It’s not taking a good, hard look.

I hate the word “audit.”  So I’m going to call this a ‘review.’  This is where my team takes a look at what you’re saying to your different audiences, and make sure it all works.  Let’s look at what your key messages are, versus what you’d like them to say. 

When we take a good, impartial look, we can discover important things.  Is your messaging consistent between product lines?  Who’s doing most of the communicating for your brand?  What does that brand say about your key issues?

This is an opportunity to strengthen consistency and make sure you’re communicating what you WANT to be communicating, especially for an organization with multiple brands, locations and public faces.

Reputation Review
Find out what they think about you. Really.

There’s only one thing worse than having a bad reputation – and that’s not KNOWING you have a bad reputation.  Have you ever wondered what people think about you and your organization?  Sure, you may have an understanding of what they’re telling you, but do you ever wonder what they really think?  A reputation review digs deeper and does just that.

Checkmate will go ‘into the field’ and do the research you need in order to find out.  Whether it’s opinion polling, conducting a focus group, web-interviews or face-to-face interviews with key stakeholders, we’ll get the unabridged, no-holds barred truth. 

We’ll do the legwork then work with you at making real, positive steps to address problems and highlight your strengths.

If you have any questions about our programs, feel free to ask. You can reach me through any of the methods outlined here, email me, or call me at (888)662-4550.