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Our Success Stories...

Where are the logos?  Were you expecting to see a long list of Fortune 500 logos, with some pap about "We're privileged to work with the greatest companies on earth?"

We don't broadcast our client names.  Our best success stories are stories you'll never read about. 


Ask yourself - would you really trust a 'crisis' company if you knew they were going to be telling your confidential story on their website?


Working with Iconic Venues...

We have created training programs for some of the biggest arenas, stadiums and convention centres across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. 

Our "Building Credibility" program was the highest ranked crisis communication training program in client history.  It has been delivered to 17 arenas, 6 convention centres and 3 stadiums - hosting 22 professional sports teams.

... In Some Great Places

We've been privileged to work in 6 continents (no projects in Antartica, yet!). We've helped tour operators in Bali... specialty aviation companies in the Serengeti... a theme park in Pennsylvania... and cruise companies in the Amazon.

One hotel/tour operator in Quito, Ecuador was facing an existential threat when Cotapaxi erupted.  Rather than hide, we helped them honestly reframe their story.  

Their business INCREASED, despite the volcano risk.  We call that 'falling up.'

Image by Anderson Rian

Tackling Scary Stories...

Whether it's a natural disaster...
- a product recall
- a boil water advisory
- a senior executive facing jail time
- a death at your facility...

... we've been there.  We know what it's like, and we know what to do next.

... to Build Trust, Credibility... and Profitability.

We tell the story in the best-selling book "Leaders Under Fire" about Nigel.  

Nigel suffered a fatal accident at his specialty airline company in Africa.  We were on the next flight to Tanzania, but by the time we landed, it was dire.  Most of their customers had cancelled.  Facing incredible odds, we got to work.

Long story short: A year later, business for Nigel was up over 28 percent.

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